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A history of success.

Since the early 1990's, Kevin Tarling, owner of Tarling's Events, has been a well known and respected name in the area of unique and specialty arms and military equipment. Items Ranging from antique military guns, cannons and armory to samurai swords, daggers and other instruments of combat have attracted buyers from around Australia to Tarling's fairs and auctions year after year.

Tarling's Specialty Arms Fair attract record crowds, with a line of hopeful enthusiasts queued at 7am; 2 hours before opening. Exhibitors choosing Tarling's events to display their wares inevitably find success, with patrons similarly excited and enthralled by the sheer richness of quality and range.

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Gun Shows

Since the early 1990's, Kevin Tarling, owner of Tarling's Events, has been a well known and respected name in the area of unique and specialty arms and military equipment.

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Kevin is available to value antique and modern firearms, edged weapons and general militaria. He has 25 years experience and can visit on site for in person valuations. Considerable research is often undertaken to achieve the best price for your items.

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Auctions are conducted approximately twice a year, consisting of mainly deceased estate weapons, militaria and general goods. Catalogues are posted online before the event. Subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date with upcoming auctions.

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Equipment Hire

Tarling's Events have a range of equipment for exhibitors, or for the general public. Everything available for hire comes with a guarantee of quality and reliablity.

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Upcoming Events

2018 Fairs and Shows

Greyhound Race Track

Saturday April 21st & 22nd 2018
9am - 5pm / 9am - 4pm

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Any interstate dealer wishing to attend will need to lodge an application for a Foreign Firearms Dealer permit which they can download from the SA Police website. Form is a RF1740 – Application for a Permit. A fee is payable which we will request following receipt of the application so we do require a good 4 – 6 weeks to process the form. The new dealers permit gives dealers more flexibility in regards to being able to buy and sell which they can discuss with us. The new legislation also allows for SA dealers to deal in ammo at the show. Any question, contact SAPOL on on 08 7322 3346 Monday to Friday, between 9am and 4pm.

Next Auction

Enamelled Signs, Antique China,
Glassware and Collectibles

Sat 3rd and 4th March @ 11am
inspection from 9-11am
Salvation Army Hall
2A Burwood Ave, Nailsworth SA 5083

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Kevin Tarling


Kevin Tarling, proprietor of Tarling's Events has been organising and executing successful local Fairs and Auctions since 2003.

Specialising in Antique and Collectible Weapons and artillery for over 15 years, Kevin has recently branched into a wider range of events with an ease and instant success which has impressed patrons and exhibitors alike.

Working as an auctioneer for a major auction house for many years, Kevin became interested in fairs early on and eventually made the decision to dedicate himself full-time to his own events.

As his knowledge includes years of valuing specialty arms and weaponry, Kevin commenced his Specialty Arms Fairs in 2003.

His first event dwarfed anything which patrons in South Australia had ever seen, and crowds were amazed at the sheer scope of range and the diversity of the stalls.

By his second year, his Arms Fair was officially the largest in SA, attracting patrons from all corners of Australia and queues at the venue 2 hours before opening.

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P 0438 802 390

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